Pablo Peña is a Spanish artist whose practice is mainly based on photography.
His work is a perpetual questioning of the world around us. An inquiry into nature, urban and social matters. Everything suits through the lens of his camera.
He enjoys delving into natural elements such as fire or water and he does not hesitate to search for new ways or experimentation.
Pablo creates sometimes touching sometimes thrilling stories through his images. By capturing reality, viewers can travel to a complete new story. His art is open to interpretation, just as his vision of existence is.

Some words from the Artist


I am a Spanish photographer currently based in the north of Spain but constantly moving around the world.
Having studies of technical drawing and photography my work does not focuses on an specific field as we can not conceive existence as isolated ítems. We live in a world with people, buildings, streets and nature surrounding us.
From a very young age, art has had a great importance in my life. There is a reflection of my passions for cinema, literature, music and painting in my work.
When I was child, I got an old reel Kodak camera that has accompanied me to all my school or family trips. I needed to immortalize everything. It began as a simple hobby, but step by step it became a great passion. A passion that made me move to Madrid to study professional photography.
I really appreciate the excellent technical and practical knowledge that I got at that time but over time I found essential to unlearn what I had assimilated. What really moves me is to capture and show what clicks on me. Thats is the reason why I consider myself a self-taught professional.
My guilty pleasure is experimentation with natural elements such as fire or water. It is pretty surprising how far you can go starting form the most elementary.



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